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Welcome to a tour of The Show Program.

The following 23 pages will provide you with an overview of The Show Program and will show you images of many of the screens that make up The Show Program. From these screens you will get an idea of the information contained in the program and for the style and layout of the program.

The screen images average about 100Kb each.
This means each image will take 15-30 seconds to display if you're using a dial-up modem connection.

Above and to the right you will see two arrows that allow you to navigate to the next or previous pages in the tour. Also listed is the page number of the current page you are viewing and the total number of pages in the tour.

To continue the tour, click the right (or next) arrow above.

This tour is not complete. The screen shots are available but some descriptions are missing. The missing descriptions should be added over the next week.