Exhibitor Entries

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The Exhibitor Entries screen lists the exhibitors in a show and the entries for each exhibitor.

This image shows the exhibitors in our sample show and the entries for the selected exhibitor.

If you run a pre-entry show then this is where you will spend much of your before show time.
We have tried to make these screens quick to use and to minimize your typing.

Exhibitors (Left Side)

The exhibitors for your show are listed along the left side of the screen. You select the exhibitor's name from a global contact list so once an exhibitor is in your system their contact information is updated in one place and you just "select" the them here.

Note also that columns for fees and balance are displayed as well. This information is automatically updated as you make entries in other screens.

Entries (Right Side)

For each exhibitor in your show, you add and edit their entries on this screen.

After the first entry is made, additional entries for the exhibitor have all the information from the last selected line automatically filled in. So if only an ear number changes then you only have to enter the ear number for the next entry.

Not shown: If you were running multiple shows, a small listing appears on this screen to allow you to enter each rabbit or cavy in the other shows just by clicking a check box.