System Requirements

Internet Connection - Necessary
The Show Program is currently distributed, installed, and updated through the internet.
You will need at least a dial up internet account to install and update the Show Program.
You can use the Show Program offline, but some features (feedback, error reporting, updates, etc.) are only available when you are online.
Operating System - Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98.
The Show Program works fine under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

If you are running Win98, you will need to have all the service packs installed.

The Show Program will not run under Windows 95.
Monitor - 1024x768 or greater recommended. 800x600 is fine.
  • The Show Program runs best on a monitor of resolution 1024x768 or greater.
  • 800x600. It runs fine at 800x600 but is not optimized for this resolution.
  • 640x480. The screens are a bit tight when running the Show Program at 640x480 resolution.
  • Memory - 256 MB or greater. (50 MB free physical RAM)
    At its maximum, the Show Program can use 50 MB of memory. That means your system should have enough RAM to have 50 MB of available physical memory. Windows will allow most any program to run with small amounts of free memory but with disk intensive database programs like the Show Program you will get quite a bit of "disk thrashing" and performance will suffer.

    If you are running short, no other upgrade will boost your system performance more noticeably than adding memory.
    Hard Disk - 50 MB or more free space
    While the install takes considerably less, 50 MB will give you plenty of room for your database of shows to grow.

    Note that as a rule of thumb you should have at least 10% of your drive space unused and available for the operating system to operate efficiently. (Or 5 GB for those with hard drives greater than 50 GB.)
    CPU - Pentium III 650 Mhz speed or greater
    The Show Program runs acceptably on any Pentium III 650 Mhz speed or better processor.
    Of course, a faster processor will give you better performance.