License and Pricing

Standard Pricing
License Type Price

New License - Clubs that had no license the prior year OR a license that expires before Jan 1, 2020

You are purchasing a one year license for either a Club License or a Show Secretary License.

A Show Program license is valid for one club only and will expire a year after the license is generated.

Renewed licenses start on the expiration of the previous license regardless of the date you purchase the renewal.

License Renewal - Clubs with a current license expiring in 2020

If your club has a current license that expires Jan 1, 2020 or later then future licenses are free.
Your license will automatically be renewed and will be set to expire Jan 31, 2022.
  $0 (FREE)

After 2021 the online version will have replaced this desktop version.

Free for active clubs.
 -- Active clubs are clubs that have used our program for their most recent shows within the last 16 months.
 -- We're not sure yet how much for new/reactivating clubs. Probably $10 to $15.

*We reserve the right to charge a small amount for hosting if it becomes necessary.
  $0 (FREE)*

Special Pricing

Special Circumstance Clubs

If your club does not charge entry fees or generate income (for example some 4-H shows, youth shows, etc.)
we will consider special pricing for your club depending on your support needs.

To purchase a license contact us at



A Show Program License is a license to use the Show Program Software for the period of the license. Unless agreed to otherwise, you are purchasing a license to use the Show Program software for one full year. This entitles you to the software as it exists and any released updates to the software during that period.

You are not purchasing any guarantees regarding the suitability and/or fitness of the software to run your show. There is no expectation that the software will contain the capabilities and features that you want or believe it to have. Due to its age and architecture there are known bugs in the software that cause it to crash when running within modern Windows systems. These bugs will likely remain as they do not seem to be able to be fixed from our side. Do not purchase a license expecting the Show Program software to be modern professional commercial grade software. We keep pushing ahead but the Show Program is still running on its old Win32 WinForms style base.

A one year Club License for the Show Program grants the club the following for one full year.

It does not entitle an individual or club the following:

When the license expires you agree to stop using the Show Program for new shows unless you are starting a new show with the intent to immediately purchase a license renewal. Even with an expired license you can keep the Show Program installed and view and print reports for any show completed before the license expired.

When the license expires you may no longer:

License Types

Club License

The Club License puts the name of the club in the license. That club’s name is printed as the sponsoring club on all the forms and reports produced by the program. Users agree not to use the Show Program to run any shows except shows sponsored by the club purchasing the license. The club can select anyone they wish to be a show secretary for any of their shows.

Show Secretary License

This license is intended for individuals who wish to purchase a license themselves to run shows for a club. This license puts the name of that individual as the show secretary on all reports. It also puts the name of the club that individual specifies when purchasing the program as the sponsoring club on all forms and reports.

The Show Secretary License allows you to run shows for one club only. If you wish to run shows for additional clubs and those clubs do not already have a Club License, then you must purchase a supplemental Show Secretary License for each additional club. If a club already has a Club License then there is no need for you to purchase an additional license to run shows for that club.

Neither form of license is transferable to another club.

What Is A Club?     What Shows Can Be Run With a Club's License?

A Show Program license for an ARBA chartered club will contain the same name as used for the ARBA charter. This name will be the name that is put into a Show Program license and printed on all reports.

You may not use this program for any shows where the ARBA sanctioning club name differs from the club named in the Show Program license regardless of the licensed club's association with the club named in the ARBA sanction. Even the best justification does not remove this restriction and you may not use the program for said shows even if you truly believe you should be able to.

For example: If your club is running a show "in association with" or "for" another club and that club is listed as sanctioning the show then that sanctioning club must also have a valid license for the Show Program.

Does your club have a logo?

If your club has a logo we can bind it to your license and the logo will print in the upper left corner of your reports.

It would look a bit like this:

Report with Logo