Getting a License

Before you start a show we need to create a license so the program knows your club's name.
There are no costs for the program or license. It's a free program.

Here is the information we need in order to create a license:

  1. Club's Name exactly as registered with the ARBA;
  2. Club's State as per the ARBA registration;
  3. Name, address and email for all secretaries who will be installing the program.

To obtain a license contact us at
Note: Do not save this email address. It changes as needed due to spam bots.

The Show Program is a Windows "desktop" program.
It will not run in a browser nor on iOS, iPhone, Android or Chromebook devices.

What is a License?

A Show Program License is a small file that contains the club's name and a date the license expires.

A license for the Show Program allows club secretaries to:

It does not entitle an individual or club the following:

What Shows Can Be Run With a Club's License?

A Show Program license for an ARBA chartered club will contain the same name as used for the ARBA charter. This name will be put into a Show Program license and printed on all reports. You should not use this program for any shows where the ARBA sanctioning club name differs from the club named in the Show Program license regardless of the licensed club's association with the club named in the ARBA sanction.
If you use the wrong license your legs will be invalid!

For example: If your club is running a show "in association with" or "for" another club and that club is listed as sanctioning the show then that sanctioning club must also have a separate license for the Show Program.

Does your club have a logo?

If your club has a logo we can bind it to your license and the logo will print in the upper left corner of your reports.

It would look a bit like this:

Report with Logo